Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vacation time!

Betcha thought things were pretty quiet around here lately and well... things have been!

We had the Banquet 2 weeks ago and wow, that was a hell of a party! but I digress... a couple of things happened that night which bear noting.

1 - Lex and Dani did a great job putting it together. The Tulalip resort is fantastic and the rooms are well worth the price, although I dont think they knew what they were getting into by putting us racers all over the hotel instead of on one or two floors where we would only disturb each other!

2 - Our goals for next year came into clear focus... WIN... it felt odd not being in a tuxedo for a banquet. It was our first one since we hung up the Mini Stock 4 years ago and going from the Champions table to a regular one was strange. I don't want to seem uppity or anything, but I look damn Suave in a Tux and want to have the chance to wear one again next season... lol

As you may know, the Hot rod is up for sale. We are going to upgrade the chassis this winter as part of our effort to go out and compete for the championship. Parts have come and gone, the engine sits lonely on its stand in the corner of the shop, waiting for its trip down to Cope to be freshened up.

But, all will have to wait for 2 weeks, as the team packs up and heads to Cabo for a much needed vacation. We will all be back just before thanksgiving and after the holiday, racecars will be back in full swing as we start preparing for next season, so stay in touch... We've only scratched the surface!