Monday, June 22, 2009

Another fine weekend!

Well, what can I say? Saturday started under threatening skies as we were all worried about rain. Fortunately, while overcast, it stayed dry and a pleasant temp as we took to the track for Week 7 of the race season. While Nat (97) and Kris (12) were out to a pretty comfortable lead in 1st and 2nd place in the points, 3rd through 5th were very tight with a total of 7 points seperating Fozzy(64) in 3rd, LaCrash(99) in 4th and Micheal (2) in 5th place.

Trying to build on our Week 6 win, we continued to work on making Tonya faster. A good part of the past two weeks were spent on tweaking this and that in an effort to get rid of some of the HP and handling gremlins that always come with driving a different car than you are used to. And while all our hard work is begining to show up in our performances as of late, we know that there is still tons of potential in this little orange and white Honda Prelude!

During practice, the car was good, but had developed a pretty significant on throttle burble. A few minutes spent deliberating with our team owner and teammates finally sussed out the problem, which was a bad plug wire. A replacement set went in and with that, we went out and had a spirited battle with Kris in the heat race, which we won.

As the main started, we of course started near the rear of the field due to our win the race previous. Both of us were more than a little concerned about our ability to make it to the front with the car handling somewhat poorly, but that wasnt going to stop us from giving it the old college try.

LaCrash was in top form as he picked his way through the pack, eventually finding himself in 2nd place. The first place car was driven by Clint Lang and through the virtue of one heck of a great restart, he had gotten up front and tonight, would not be denied! Scott did everything short of wrecking Clint as they battled for the top spot over the last 10 or so laps. Going through turn 4 a couple of times even dropping 2 in the dirt, causing sparks to fly as the car bottomed out and making the crowd around me roar with approval at the effort. At the end, Scott made a last effort to make the pass on the outside coming to the line, but Clint closed the door and scored his first ever victory as Scott finished 2nd and Kris 3rd.

I will post the official standings later this week when they are updated, but by my calculations, the current points battle is:

1 - Kris Harriss 362

2 - Nat Barber  356

3 - Scott LaCross 340

4 - Jon Roberts 330

5 - Micheal Fritz 326

Things are starting to tighten up and we are going to do everything we can to close that gap up even more and see if we can give our car owners thier 1st championship! Of course, it would be pretty cool for us to win #4 too...

Next up, Mid Season Championship night Presented by Les Schwab Tires, this weekend, June 27th. Come see the MiniStocks, Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Super Figure 8s and Stinger 8s battle it out for the honor of winning and taking home the hardware!

See you at the track!!! 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the air! Listen in tonight!




Listen in tonight on AM 1380 KRKO Northsound racing show at 8pm when Scott will be on the air during the show with Steve Mortland, continuing a proud tradition of appearances!


You can also listen live here:



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Team LaCross nationwide!

Here we see LaCrash in victory lane with Brady Douglas, News Anchor from KETK in Tyler, Texas!


Brady is a High School friend of Scott's and was in town last weekend to visit family when he decided to come out to Evergreen Speedway and watch some short track racing. It was a great suprise for both of them!

You never know who you will run into when you head out to the track for a night of fun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do you remember the way to victory lane?

These are the words I uttered to LaCrash as he crossed the finish line with a 2 second lead over 2nd place.


Eyup... Back in the saddle again! What a great feeling it was to finally be back in a very familiar place for us during our years running Mini-Stocks in the early 2000's. I dont know exactly who was happier, Me, LaCrash or Mindy our intrepid car owner. Hand shakes and congratulations seemed to come from everywhere as we savored what turned out to be a pretty dominant win.

The day started out with a very loose racecar and only one practice session due to the track surface having a little issue. We adjusted thinking the car wasnt very fast (Mylaps confirmed that we were wrong, the car was moving along at a fairly respectable clip) and in the heat race, LaCrash played it cool as we ran 3rd behind our teammates Kris and Fozzy, but ended up a disappointing 5th after another driver made a Banzai move at the checkers on the inside while we battled Mikey Fritz for the 3/4 spots.


The Main came and with it, more adjustments. We started inside row 2 and had the lead by the exit of turn 2. Scott never looked back from there as Kris Harris pressured him for about 10 laps, keeping within 2-4 car lengths and biding his time. Then a strange thing happened... I was scanning the field for a moment and when I picked the car back up, the lead had stretched to over 10 lengths! I kind of rubbed my eyes and told Scott about the separation which got a surprised, "Huh?" over the radio.  

The final laps saw the lead expand to as much as 3 seconds as Scott tried different lines and tried not to overcook the tires. As he began to catch and lap cars, I had my fingers crossed for no cautions... In the end, we finished 1st, Kris was 2nd, Mike Fritz 3rd... a great 1/2 finish for our car owners, who's 3rd car finished 6th! Not too shabby eh?

Well, it looks like we are going to end up running the full season and are currently sitting 4th in the points, 2 behind Fozzy in 3rd and only 35 points out of 1st... Is a run at the title a possibility??? Hmmmmm... one never knows! ;-)

Next up for us is Gradutation Night at Evergreen Speedway on June 20th with the Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Super figure 8s, Hornets and Youth Hornets. And dont forget that if you are looking for a whole lot of action, this Saturday night at Evergreen Speedway is "Extreme Night" with the Hornets, Youth Hornets, Rollover contest, School Bus figure 8, Gauntlet, Stinger 8's, Renegades, Stunts and School Bus Dominoes... you dont want to miss it because as the old commercials said...


See you at the races!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A great site to visit...

Hey there race fans!

Last time, I posted a few photos from our friend Marcia. Marcia has got the racing bug BIG TIME and was with us on our crazy LaCarerra Panamericana journey back in 2007.

She has her own blog where she posts pictures and thoughts on all kinds of different forms of road Racing as well as other fun adventures. Why not take a few moments and check it out!


BTW, we ARE racing this weekend and its goign to be a fun one, with the Super Late Models running 2 50 lap features on the 3/8 along with the Mini Stocks, Steet Stocks, Super Figure 8 and Stinger 8 divisions. Remember that gates open at 5pm.

See you at the track!