Thursday, July 23, 2009


Back in the days of old, the mini stock class had a trophy dash for the 4 fast qualifiers or the top finisher in each of the heat races. Points were actually awarded for these dashes and this made for some very spirited 4 lap shootouts. If you had a perfect night, you scored 62 points. 8 for a heat race win, 4 for the dash win and 50 for the main win.

Well, those days have come and gone and the most you can now score in a night is 58. However, occasionally something cool goes down to award the class a dash and allows us all to go for that mythical perfect night, the Hat Trick if you will, and Saturday was just such a night.

One of our Sponsors,, put up 200 dollars for a Mini Stock "dash for the cash." Now, as many of you know, when cold hard dollars are on the line, we show up with guns blazing!

The car was ok in practice, we made a few minor stagger and camber adjustments each session and by the time heat races rolled around, we were pretty confident we had a decent set up. LaCrash started on the inside of row 3 of the 7 car heat race and by the end of the backstretch on the green flag lap, he was making his move to take the lead, completing the pass in turn 4. he then ran out to a 6-8 car length lead and finished with the win, Kris Harriss 2nd and Mike Fritz in 3rd in what turned out to be the battle to watch in that heat race with Kris crossing the line about a bumper width ahead of Mike.

Heat race Video courtesy of Mike Fritz -

In the Dash, it was lined up with the 2nd place cars from each heat on the front row and the winners of each heat on the back row. This put Kris Harriss on the pole, Kim Lang outside, Us inside of the back row and Nat Barber on the outside. Every one of those cars more than capable of walking off with the prize. Upon taking the green, LaCrash knew he had to make a move and make it fast, so he dove under Kris in turn one and was able to complete the pass for the lead coming out of turn 2, the battle was fast and furious for those 4 laps with LaCrash the winner, Kris 2nd, Nat 3rd and Kim 4th. It felt awesome not only winning the cash, but more inportantly, the Trophy, becuase as you know... its all about the hardware!

Sorry, no video of the dash was available at press time!

The Main rolled around and we started 7th, the inside of row 4, we were surrounded by the top 5 in points, with Nat and Kris behind us due to the invert (at our speedway, the top three finishers are required to start at the back of the main. they do put rookies, drivers with no point average and anyone that just wants to start towards the back behind them however) and Mike and Fozzie were directly in front of us. Quite a gauntlet of really fast cars to be around. At the drop of the green, it was on baby... The inside row moved up and by turn 3, LaCrash found himself in 4th place behind the cars of Jeff Miller(30), Kim(33) & Fozzie(64) with Nat(97) and Kris(12) hot on his heels. This went on until the exit of turn 4 on lap 3 when LaCrash decided it was time to go... he stuck Tonya in the dirt coming out and made it 3 wide down the front stretch and into turn 1, the leader washed up just a little and Scott was on rails as he passed all three cars in turn 1! It was a thing of beauty to be sure.

Nat eventually made it around Fozzy a lap or two later and I thought for sure there was going to be a battle for the lead, but we were on a mission and would not be denied... As Scott stretched it out to over a full straightaway the battle for 2nd thru 4th go interesting with Mike(2) passing Fozzy for 3rd on the last lap and giving Nat a serious run for 2nd!

Main event Video courtesy of Mike Fritz - 

When it was all said and done, we walked away with 2 trophies, 335 bucks in winnings and another feature winner sticker for Mindy to put on the car. It was a "62" and those kind of nights dont happen every time you hit the track, so we are still pretty jacked about it here at Team LaCross central. But as excited as we are about last week's results, there is another goal looming... we are now in 2nd place in the points, 10 points out of 1st with 5 races to go. Kris is in the top spot and Nat is just behind us in 3rd... 11 points seperating the top 3, with Fozzy and Mike only 25 points behind that. I have a feeling its going to come down to the final race on Championship night. 

Can we win championship #4??? You'll have to stay tuned to find out. Come on out to our next Evergreen race on August 15th and cheer us on, or hey, if you feel like a little drive, why not come down to South Sound Speedway in Tenino, Wa. this weekend, where Team LaCross will be invading the ranks of the Outlaw compact series to run in the 100 lap, 1500.00 to win, Outlaw invitational.

You can find directions and pricing info at you'll know you're there when you see the #99 orange and white, Flowmaster Gutter, All City Haul-N, Speedway Carstar Honda Prelude on the front page!

See you at the races!!! 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Race 9... What a long, strange trip it was

Ok, so I am a week behind on my race report for 7/11. But, it was an odd night anyways, so why not make the post off kilter too, right?

It all started early in the week when we were working late every night on some pretty major changes we made to the car. This culminated in a leave the shop to go get some sleep at 5am friday night. Needless to say, we were all a little on edge from lack of sleep at the track.

We only got a single 10 minute practice... A lot of major changes to the car were made, so we were understandably upset about this. 10 minutes to dial the car in, scrub a new tire and work on the race set up.Yeah, right...

Heat Race: Uneventful until Scott was going for the lead... Another car spun bringing out the yellow and as he slowed up, he and the car he was battling for 1st somehow got hooked up and we got a cut tire. Purely a racing deal from what I could see, no malice or intent, just good hard racing and sometimes, things like that happen. Fortunately, they dont count yellow laps and he was able to come in for a tire change and get back out before the green flew again. Starting from the back, he was able to make it back up to 3rd in the remaining laps.

Main: Ok, so after spending a large amount of time fixing the car after the Heat race, we were beign rushed by the officials to get lined up for the main. In my hurry, I spilled about a gallon of fuel in the trunk. I let Scott know to wiggle the car around to get it out on the way to line up. As the Green dropped, I could see fule spilling out of the car for about 3 laps. The caution came out for a car conking out and they pulled us to the infield to check and make sure there wasnt a serious leak then gave us our spot back in line. Scott had started in the back and was picking his way through the field, dodging accidents all along the way. The 2nd to last restart was a good one, with Scott taking the low line at the cone after the leader also went low and 2nd went high. At the green, Scott was able to get a nose under the leader going into 1 when they threw the caution again for what we all assume was a bad start, although Im not sure why as the first two rows were in perfect alignment... but I digress...

The 2nd shot at a restart didnt go quite as well and Scott was left in a dogfight for 2nd. In the end, he finished a disappointing 3rd.

Since the next race has already happened since this post, I'll just go on ahead and start another one explaining it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Racetrack Dogs???

I saw this action photo posted on Mindy's facebook page today and immediately it struck me as familiar...



Now, if you are movie guy like me, you've got to be thinking to yourself, "Is that K-Billy's super sounds of the 70's playing the background?" Here is the movie shot that this picture reminds me of...



Kind of funny, eh?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Track repairs underway!

Hi there folks!

Thought I'd spend a moment and update everyone on the track resurfacing project that took place last week in response to the problems they had during the Street Stock and Super Late Model races on 6-27.

As was reported widely in a number of outlets, the track surface developed a new, rather substantial hole in it. This was an issue during the Street Stock main and caused an extended red flag to cold patch the area. Unfortunately, the patch didn't hold and the Super Late Models ultimately paid the price, having their race called after just 5 laps due to concerns for the drivers and fans after several chunks took out one radiator, one window net latch and a nose! It was the right call and the track has done right for those drivers and fans.

Sunday morning the 28th, things started happening. Here is a picutre of the track being torn up...


This repair is actually fixing several problems at one time, as it covers several old patch jobs that occasionally needed repairs. The next shot is from last Saturday, during the 4th of July show. Sorry for the poor quality of this one, as I took it from the stands with my phone camera, but you can make out the darker areas of new asphalt.


Kudos go out to the staff at Evergreen for taking quick action on this one and having the track ready to go quickly. The 4th of July show went off well and the fireworks were the best I've seen out there in some time. We are all looking forward to testing out the new pavement this weekend!

Again, It's Pawn Exchange night this Saturday with the Super Late Models on the big 5/8, Street and Mini Stocks on the 3/8 and the Super and Stinger 8's on the figure 8 track. Come on out and support local short track racing.


See you at the Track! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mid Season Championship night

It was a beautiful day for racing! The sun was shining, the car was... well, the car was. During practice we played with things and then went out and won the heat race, so what did we do? Of course! we changed the car even more becuase hey, never ones to stand pat, we made a few more adjustments and off we went. (Note: Eddie's words of wisdom... Until your name is next to the track record, the car is NEVER fast enough... and even then it still isnt!)

At 40 laps, we were very confident that we had a shot at winning. Longer races have always suited our driver and cars and since the car was not exactly stellar, we figured that there would be plenty of time to work our way to the front slowly and patiently... Boy, was I wrong! When the green dropped it was on like Donkey Kong. We started 9th on the field due to the invert and our 2nd place finish the week prior and by lap 8 had fought our way to 6th. Meanwhile, our buddy Mikey Fritz had taken advantage of his 5th place starting spot to take the lead on that same lap.

For the next 8 laps, we fought a very spirited battle with our Car Owner Kris before finally taking the 5th position, all the while Mikey was pulling out to a large lead. By lap 20 we caught the 2nd place car of Fozzie and spent the remaining 20 laps glued to his rear bumper and Mikey had become a spec out in front of them. The fact that Mikey had completely checked out put the spotlight squarely on LaCrash and Fozzy. Scott, just as he had the week before, tried everything short of wrecking Fozz to get by him, but as is the norm, didnt want to take the position that way, so we settled for 3rd place and the knowledge that we put on one hell of a good show for the fans.


Now a word... While we did finish a disappointing 3rd this week and 2nd last week, there is a strange satisfaction in knowing that we as a team were a part of both of those drivers getting the first wins of thier careers. With Clint it was a couple of helpful set up tips, with Mikey, well, we have been with him all year, doing tweaks and set ups on both of his cars, being tough on him sometimes, but always in the effort to help him reach his potential. Great Job Mikey!!!!! But remember, you'll be starting behind us next race ;-)

The points battle is really starting to heat up. A case can be made for any one of the top 5 cars winning the championship as just 31 points seperates 1st from 5th. Of course, we are going to do our level best to bring home #4, so make sure you come on out to the races and cheer us on... let me know you are coming and we can get you a super cool autograph card signed by LaCrash himself... lol

The points battle as of 6/27:

1 - #12 Kris Harriss - 412

2 - #99 Scott LaCross - 394

3 - #97 Nat Barber - 392

4 - #64 Jon "Fozzy" Roberts - 391

5 - #2 Mike Fritz - 381 


Next up for us is July 11th, which is Pawn Exchange night at Evergreen Speedway. The Super Late Models will be on the big 5/8 oval while the Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Super and Stinger 8's tackle thier respective tracks as the race season heads into it's 2nd half.

And dont forget, its the big 4th of july show this weekend...  

The 4th of July at Evergreen Speedway will be a night not to be missed. Bring the whole family. The show will start at 7:00pm the evening will be capped off with the biggest fireworks show on the east side.
Also in store for the evening will be a Demo Derby, boat races, school bus races, a rollover contest, “The Beast” jet powered dragster will perform a show where he melts a car. Mr Dizzy is going to do a death defying school bus jump. Along with everything else, we will have the hornets& youth hornets

Pit gate opens at 2:00pm
Grandstand Gates open at 3:00pm
Main Events at 7:00pm

General admission tickets will be $18.50 for adults, jr/sr’s(11-17, 62+)$13.50, child(6-10) $7.50, 5 and under FREE
Family pass, 2 adults and up to 4 child/jr’s for $60.00
Reserved seating also available for any age at $22.50
call the speedway office to purchase tickets in advance Tuesday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm  360.805.6100


See you at the races!!!