Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot Garbage

Thats really all I can say... Sure, we finished 10th, but we also started 10th. We struggled mightily Saturday night trying to get the car to handle like anything that actually resembled a race car... we never did hit the mark . Big changes are afoot with the direction of the race program. The novelty of our original intent for this season of just getting laps and finishing in the top ten has lost its luster.

It has become readily apparent that we need to have a few things checked out that we have been assuming are right all season long... things like Bump Steer, Roll Center, etc. We will make them right... We will strive to perform better, not only for ourselves, but for all of you too! Time to get back to basics... time to visit the right people who will help us figure out what we have been missing and get this program rolling forward!

Stick it out with us kids.... it's going to be a hell of a fun ride!


Next up, July 26th, the Washington 500 at Evergreen Speedway... 150 laps for the Nascar Camping World Series, 150 Laps for the ASA Northwest Tour, 150 laps for the Whelen All-American series Speedway Chevrolet Super Stocks and 50 laps for the Whelen, Les Schwab Tires Bombers on the big 5/8's mile oval. Front gates open at 1:30pm with Qualifying starting at 2:30 and racing at 5:00.

Bring your friends, bring yoru family, bring your seat cushions because its going to be a long, fun night of racing!

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