Friday, August 1, 2008

150 laps = 18 gallons of fuel

There is a lot of scuttlebutt going around this week about people running out of gas or almost running out of gas last weekend and how they must be running big carbs, etc.

We were obviously not the fastest machine on the track last week, as evidenced by our 11th place finish. However, upon filling the fuel cell, we discovered that we used up a full 18 gallons of gas from our 22 gallon fuel cell. Not a very large margin for error considering that 150 laps on the 5/8s equals roughly 101 miles, which works out to 5.6 mpg. I figure we could have safely gone another 20 or so laps before we too ran out.

Now, if we were that close to running out, it is perfectly reasonable that the guys who were running super fast laps were cutting it even closer, in fact, if they didn't top up their tanks before going out, they might have even been out there with less than full capacity. So to all who are screaming foul, quiet down... your conspiracy theories are getting out of hand.

Now, on to our weekend. We showed up to the track not knowing what to expect. I loosened up the car substantially from the previous big track race but in practice Scott reported back to me that the car was STILL tight. So, with more wedge out and trailing arm adjustments, we went to qualify, which I'd rather not talk about other than to say we started shotgun on the field again. But, we were faster than our previous attempt, so even though it wasn't awesome, it was an improvement!

After qualifying, I must say I was pretty deflated and beginning to question my ability to make that car go fast. I'm sure that we have all felt a twinge of that so you know what I am getting to. I sat for a while by myself, watching the other classes qualify, smoking cigarettes and decided that come hell or high water, I was going to make that thing go! A little more wedge out, a small shock adjustment and it was time for the main event.

As I mentioned, we started 17th on the field. Roger had a little chat with Scott before the main and it really seemed to put a fire under him as he was driving the car deeper, getting it down in the corners and stabbing the throttle coming off harder and earlier than I have ever seen him do it before. He was downright Racy, running guys down, passing them and driving away from them. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who your favorite guy is (I hope its Scott, since you are following along here!) Naima was absolutely on rails and lapped the entire field! man, those boys over there sure do have it figured out this year and look to be in a great position to take it all.

In the end, our best lap time was 1/2 a second faster than our qualifying lap and we spent a good portion of the race under that Q time as well. We ended up in 11th place, an improvement over our finish last time on the big track and we felt good overall about the day's events. We all look forward to the last two races of the year when we are back out there, but I'm also looking forward to running on the 3/8s again for a few weeks.

Congratulations to last week's winners, Jeff Barkshire (Nascar Camping World West Series), Gary Lewis (ASANWT), Naima Lang (Speedway Chevrolet Super Stocks) and Frank Cowgill (Les Schwab Bombers) 

Tomorrow, twin 50 lap races on the 3/8s. Dont miss it!!!

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