Monday, April 27, 2009

Naked cars... Oh My!



Ever notice how somewhat homely your race car looks without it's stickers? This weekend, we pulled all the vinyl off of the Hot Rod... If we sell it, that saves the new owner a step, if we go ahead and put it back together, well, we need to paint it anyways! It's also always fun to peel them off and see the pristine paint under them, surrounded by large areas of faded red and blue... but hey, dont look at those rivits holding the cracked fenders together! Nothing to see here!!! :-)

As we look towards trying to get out there this season, visions of Transmissions, Brakes, Shock packages, etc. dance through my mind and sniff around my wallet looking through the dust bunnies for something green and large in denomination to eat. As I was peeling stickers, the thought occurred to me... what are we going to do for a paint scheme? Last year was actually pretty easy as we designed our paint scheme to highlight our primary sponsor with the flames for heating and the snowflakes for air conditioning. But what about when you dont have a large sponsor?

The simple answer would be to go monotone... dare I say understated, but that really isn't our style. Flat black, ala' Daytona test dates would be cool, but someone is already doing that. Perhaps something retro, commemorating our past with a paint scheme from one of our championship Mini stock cars... Even without a sponsor, part of creating a fan base is having a car that appeals to the eye. Something that people see and can instantly recognize. Let's be honest, ask a casual fan who Kyle Busch is and they might look at you confused, but if you tel them that he drives the M&M's car, most all would immediately know who you are talking about and some would admit to being a fan of his just because of the car he drives.

What do you think? At this point, I am completely open to suggestions. If you are artistic or just have an eye for color, drop us a message and give us a few ideas. Who knows... you might see your name right here on the Blog someday being given credit for helping us design the next Team LaCross paint scheme...





Dont forget, We are racing the #99 Harriss Racing Mini Stock for the last time this weekend out at Evergreen Speedway. I'ts Cinco De Mayo night and I'm sure the beer garden will be buzzing with activity. We have been brainstorming a lot and may have come up with a few little tweaks to get the HarrissTeam/Flowmaster Gutters/Susan G. Komen race for the cure/All City Haul -N-/Speedway Autocraft Honda Prelude into Winners Circle!

Grandstands open at 5:00 Racing starts at 7:00... Bring the whole family! Visit for ticket info...  

See you at the races...  


  1. You guys peeled off the stickers? :( Oh man!  Can I be there when Scott puts 'em all back on? lol! Good luck with the design and finding sponsors. Positive thoughts keep coming your way!

  2. If you're there, you have to help put them on!

  3. Just tell me when! Anything, to be around a racecar! (And, the guys that drive 'em! The closer the better! lol!)