Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Broken parts and fires!

Well, it certainly was an eventful weekend at the track. We had a new shock package in the car and it did exactly what we had hoped, no more hippity hoppity in the corners. However, the car was a bit slower... Which isnt a good thing!

The day started off on a bad note as our pal Roger was out testing Jeff Knight's  70 car on the 5/8's when he lost a tire and hit the wall in turn 1, breaking the fuel line and starting a fire that pretty much finished the car off. Roger is a little sore, but otherwise ok and Chris Preston offered up his back up car so that Jeff could race that night. How absolutely cool is that??? We will be heading up to the TVM shop over the next couple of weeks to lend any assistance we can to get Jeff's back up car, the "White Knight" ready to go for the next race.

As I noted, the 99 car is much more driveable now, but it is a bit slower. We are going to work on some other items to address that problem, but are at least happy we are going in the right direction on the handling. Unfortunately, at about lap 3 of the main, we broke a brake rotor and ended up finishing 7th. Not a stellar performance and one that dropped us to 4th in the points, but still, we are doing pretty good all things considered.

This weekend, we pitted down next to our team owners and got this shot which shows all the Flowmaster Gutter sponsored cars together. Please visit our links page and check out thier website or Give them a call at (425) 257-9799 or toll free 1 800-884-0633 ... you know you need new gutters and springtime is the best time to get those taken care of! Mention that you saw them here at so they know that thier sponsorship dollar is hard at work!


We are off for the next 2 weeks, which puts our next race date on June 6th.. dont miss it as it is also a double header night for the Super Late Models with 2! main events for them! Dont forget to go to the track while we are away... Upcoming events:

May23rd: Monster Trucks and Super Moto

May 24th: Monster Trucks, Demo Derby, School Bus Figure 8, Rollover cars, Boat races, Hornets, Youth Hornets, Grudge races and Fireworks!

May 25th: Drag racing

May 30th: 60 Minutes of Fear, Hornets, Youth Hornets, Stinger 8s, Street Stocks and Super Late Models(on the big track) and its Motorcycle Night, so bring your Hog, Crotch Rocket, Trike or any other Motorbike to show off!

See you at the track!

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