Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 in a Row!

Mid Season championship night was Saturday and we were pumped up to take advantage of the warm weather, arriving at the track a very uncharacteristic 45 minutes early. Everyone was in good spirits as practice began and we spent the time helping out one of our classes rookie drivers. It was fun to watch her follow Scott around for a number of laps and then to see her work on running the line he had shown her as he followed her. Its very satisfying to be able to pass along our knowledge to the next generation of drivers, as one day we will hopefully watch them move up the ladder of success!

Having not pushed the car in practice, we weren't really sure what we had going into the heat race. We made a couple of minor tweaks and hoped for the best, which turned out to be a win in heat race #1. The points leader, Fozzy, was also in our heat race and finished 4th, so we were able to gain a few valuable points on him. In the 2nd heat, Kris also won, so going into the main event, Fozzy still held the lead with Scott and Kris tied for 2nd.

As the main event rolled around, we were starting 8th out of 9 cars, due to the full invert (based on points average) and our rule that the previous week's top three must start at the back, regardless of points average. We had 10 cars, but Nat got into the wall hard with another car and was unable to make it out for the main event. On the start, Scott was cautious, but aggressive and made his way into 2nd by lap 2. For the next 12 laps, we played follow the leader until on lap 14, he overcooked it into turn 1 and Scott easily took the lead on the low side with Kris in hot pursuit. for the next few laps, Kris was  better going into the corner, but Scott was better coming off the corner. It went that way for a while, Kris gaining a couple car lengths in, Scott gaining a couple off.

Eventually, Scott was able to pull out to about an 8 car length lead and we came across the line 1st, Kris 2nd and Ryan Rasmussen in 3rd to complete the Podium finishers for the night. When the dust settled, we found that in addition to our 3rd win of the season, we had also taken over the championship points lead. With the top three cars within 5 points of each other and the season just past the halfway mark, it's anyone's game!

Next up, Armed Forces night at Evergreen Speedway on July 3rd, with the Super Late Models and Street Stocks on the big 5/8 mile oval, the Mini's on the 3/8 and Stingers on the Figure 8 track. And on Sunday July 4th, dont miss the annual fireworks extravaganza at Evergreen Speedway, which this year features the Demo Derby, School Buses, Boat races, roll over contest, Hornets, Renegade V8s, Bus jump, Suicide car explosion stunt and "The Beast" jet Dragster!  

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