Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday night revisted

Hi everyone!

After speaking with Scott about the incident in the closing laps of the main event Saturday night and reviewing a posted video, we would like to announce an error in the blog post yesterday. On the restart, Scott missed a shift and a warning light came on. He lost concentration for a moment and moved down about a half a groove, directly into the path of the 12 car, which caused the incident. We accept full responsibility for the contact and apologize for giving out incorrect information.

We at Team LaCross strive to race clean and do not and will not shy away from accepting the appropriate responsibility in any on track incidents that we are involved in. It is important to us that you all are given accurate information, as you are our fans and deserve no less than the truth.

We are currently working hard to fix the damage, which is superficial thankfully and look forward to seeing you all this weekend for our big Twin 30 lap racing night. Thank you once again for being the Best, most Passionate fans any team could ever ask for!

Eddie C, your faithful Crew Chief and blogger.

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