Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wow... An amazing end to a very odd night

What a strange night...

The day started out pretty much how most race days do. We got to the track and unloaded, teched the car in and were able to actually make both practice sessions! We were in the 3rd qualifying group and as we readied to hit the track, a car in the 2nd group lost an oil line (or something of that nature) and dropped a significant amount of fluid on the track. After a lengthy cleanup, our group was able to do our session, but the surface just wasn't very good and we ended up with the 3rd fast time. Another result of this was the track having to cut the heat races from the program, which was disappointing as we had a few changes we wanted to try out for the main event. One good thing to come from it though, was I got to have some of Carmel Creager's dynamite enchilada casserole! Mmm, mmm good!

Oh, back to racing... lol

So the night started off with a bang when during the Super Figure 8 race, a fight broke out on the track!

Ahhh, old time F8 racing makes a comeback!
After that, who would think things could get any crazier? The Mini Stock main was 30 laps this week and for the first time in a few weeks, we got the whole race in. At the drop of the green, it was obvious that everyone was feeling racy and for 15 laps, we scratched out way forward with Steve Green right behind us. The 12 car was able to break free of traffic and made it to the front and by the time the 99-10 train made it to open track in 2nd and 3rd, he had stretched out to a decent lead. But that was short lived as by lap 20, Scott and Steve had caught up to him and for the next 8 laps, the 3 points leaders ran nose to tail, all three cars battling for the top spot.

With 3 to go, Steve got a good run out of 4 and tapped Scott's rear bumper, getting him a little loose, but Scott was able to save it and continued on battling for the 2nd spot side by side until Steve got a better run out of turn 2 and we slipped in behind him. The 3 cars kept battling for the number one spot, 12 still holding onto the lead, but Steve and Scott pressuring him every inch of the 3/8 mile track. Scott had a great run out of turn 4 coming to take the white flag and was able to get under Steve going into turn one. The 12 slid up just a touch entering turn 2 and Scott attempted to get under him, but he slammed the door and Scott had to hit the brakes to avoid contact. Steve was able to get to the outside of the 12 coming out of the turn and they traded paint all the way down the backstretch as Scott laid back a little, trying to pick a spot to make a run. In turn 4, the 12 and Steve got together once again, sending Steve hard into the outside wall . Scott saw this and made his move, darting low and charging past the 12 car to take the win.

On victory stage, Scott was quick to point out that patience was what enabled us to get the victory this night. Sometimes in racing, it's all about being in the right spot at the right time. We didn't have the best car, but Saturday night, we were able to be in that spot at the right time.

Eddie, Scott and Bill enjoying the win
On a good note, Steve is pretty sore, but thankfully was not seriously injured in the crash. Kudos go out to the EMT crew at Evergreen Speedway for making sure he was ok immediately after the crash.

The Mini Stocks are off this weekend, but Team LaCross isn't as we prepare to make a run at Hornet enduro and possibly Chumpcar glory Saturday afternoon at the speedway with our JZ Motorsports teammates. We also want to thank our sponsors, TNT Mechanical, JZ Motorsports, Monroe MotorWerkes, Millennium Motors, Joes Racing Products, Deyoung Inc., and a special thanks this week to Jeff Kessler of Foss Motorsports for the rockin red paint work on the new quarter panel, door skin and side skirt and of course, you, our fans. It was great to hear all of your cheers and congratulations as I walked down from the spotters area on Saturday night. We love you guys!

Next race is June 25th, which is the night of the Rory Price Memorial race, with the NSRA winged sprint cars and Super Late models on the 5/8s, Mini Stocks on the 3/8s and Cub Scouts of America Hornets.

See you at the races!

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