Thursday, October 6, 2011

Season by the numbers

One heck of a season... 

As we pause to reflect on the 2011 season, I thought I'd give you a quick look at the numbers that made it up...

1,205 - Point total for the season

289 - Point spread between ourselves and the 2nd place car.

99 - Oh come on, you know this one :-)

80.333 - Our points average per race

18.723 - Our Outlaw Compact Track record (3/8s track)

18.6225 - Our fastest qualifying lap this year (Dale Creager set track record on the same lap at 18.6221)

15 - The number of races this season and our worst finish of the season.

14 - The number of podium finishes we had this season.

13 - Number of weeks spent in the #1 points position

8 - Second place finishes

4 - Wins this season and number of Championships we now have.

2 - Third place finishes

1 - Our final position in the Championship point standings

One Hell of a Career... and Still mountains to climb!
More reflections to come, including a season wrap up, kudos and a little peek into what the future holds for Team LaCross!

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