Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Racing and Soul Winning

I am a pastor. I pastor the greatest church in the Northwest! No doubt about it!!! I am also a wining race car driver. This will be my 5th season getting behind the wheel of a Super Late Model in the Northwest. When my passions blended people started listening to the eternal message about Christ. As a result, many–racers, fans, crew members, officials, promoters–have made a decision for Christ. My race team exists to win souls, it’s what we are about. At the end of the day, when the checkered flags have flown we may not remember the race; instead, we will remember the people who we raced with us. It’s the people who matter most, and I want nothing more than for those people to know Jesus.
Every weekend, live on television, sometimes 2-3 times, an invocation is given asking the Lord to cover the racers, crews, fans and soldiers around the world. Last year, this unique aspect to auto racing was covered heavily in the media when the preacher asked God to bless “his smoking hot wife.” There is no absence of Christianity in auto racing. In 2012, I want to take it to the level where people just don’t ask for God’s protection and blessing, but they give their hearts and lives to him. Friends, it’s a huge mission field. The amount of people who are connected via auto racing is staggering. There is great opportunity to win souls and fulfill the purposes of God through sport. Let’s fulfill the words of Christ, “make disciples.” Great disciples win souls, and great soul winners make disciples.
Prayer points for Race Season 2012:
  • The Vision is Souls: As our team expands this year The Rock Church presence at the race track will increase. As a result, I am asking the Lord for lives to be impacted. I don’t just want to win races, I want to win people.
  • Drivers: Pray specifically for our TRC drivers: John Zaretzke, Scott LaCross, Myself, Jake Repin, Quentin Boreson and Jason McQuinn.
  • Personnel: We are still solidifying our team. John and I are in need of 1 experienced crew chief, and one experienced car chief to work directly with both of our Late Model programs. We are also in need of some PR, Marketing and Social Media help for sponsor support.
  • Funding: Sponsorship opportunities exist on Late Models, #70, #12 and #99. They also exist on the Street Stock #4, and on the Super Figure 8′s, #45 and #21. Your passion for racing will never be higher than when your name is on a race car.
  • Safety: Racing has a danger component, which makes it exciting. The cars are super safe, and there is always risk. Lot’s of prayer for safety.
As the new season approaches I want to also honor all those who’ve got us to this point. This year will be my 11th, and 5th as a driver. I wouldn’t be here without the help of so many. I honor those like Roger, Mike, Steve, Aaron, Dan, Stevie, James, Scott, Eddie, Tony, Lani, John, and all the crew who got our race car to the track on point and mission. These men, and the women who’ve supported their racing efforts, are major players in the world of soul winning and evangelism, Thank You. I’ll continue to represent your efforts with the passion to win races and souls.
7 Weeks and counting until the first Green Flag! Let’s do this.

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