Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bummer man...

Official Results for April 19th
Apr 18, 2008, 12:06
After lengthy discussions with NASCAR scoring officials and track officials, the following results have been issued from last week’s main events in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Speedway Chevrolet Super Stock Division and the Les Schwab Tires Bomber Division.  In regards to the Super Stock event, discussions were necessary due to an incorrect line-up at the time of the final green flag restart of the main event.  Drivers that desire clarification as to the reason for their respective finishing positions are welcome to contact Lex Johnson at the speedway office or via E-Mail at 

Saturday April 12th 2008 finishing order’s (official)

Evergreen Speedway – Fairgrounds Monroe


Speedway Chevrolet Super Stocks

1          00            Naima Lang    

2          51            John Zaretzke          

3          28            Chris Preston

4          06            Steve Ptacek 

5          36            Brian Cottrell

6          27            Jill Lang    

7          48            Tom Hughes

8          11            Mike Holden

9          92            Tommy Rasmussen      

10        99            Scott LaCross          

11        16            Dan Moore 

12        9            Kelly Mann  

13        38            Darren Hall     

14        12            Jeff Holden

15        70            Jeff Knight 

16        34            James Mugge 

17        2            John Barrow


This is what greeted me on Friday the 18th as I checked out the Evergreen speedway website ( After a week of what I'm sure were heated and tense discussions and negotiations, the results from the 1st night of racing were finally official and somehow, we ended up losing 3 positions. Now, I kind of anticipated there would be a shift, but man, it still sucks going from 7th to 10th because of scoring and timing errors.

Normally, as the crew chief and spotter, I would be pretty upset about this. But after deep contemplation and placing myself in a Zen like trance for approximately 72 seconds (thats a huge amount of time to have to myself lately!) I understood what happened, why it happened and am just hoping that things will find thier level concerning this later in the season.

On an exciting note, Scott informed me today that our monetary concerns for the season are over as our first winnings check arrived in the mail today. With the 65.00 we won for our 10th place finish (its more like 100.00 but there was a mystery deduction that I need to call on) I can now go ahead and buy that can of SprayAway glass cleaner and 12 pack of blue shop towels I always wanted. And who says that racing on the local level is not just fun, but very lucrative as well! We might have enough left over to get mocha's for the team on Saturday too!

Weather forecast for Saturday April 26th, Considerable cloudiness. Highs in the low 60s and lows in the upper 40s. Lets keep our fingers crossed for those clouds to stay away!  


  1. Braxton's DaddyApril 24, 2008 at 11:26 AM

    A racing blog SWEET! I'm in!!! I added you to my neighborhood. I'm a fan not a racer but anything that has to do with racing even running to the mailbox for the new Nascar Illustrated gets my blood pumping.

  2. Welcome truecolors and thanks for adding us! I will try to keep your thirst for all things 99 well taken care of as we go along.

    Tell your friends, tell your family, Heck, tell the mailman about us too! I'm going to try to keep updates coming along regularly, so let me know if there is anything you might like to hear about and we will work it in!