Wednesday, April 30, 2008

work work work...

We have been busy boys (and a girl) so far this week. Sunday, we unloaded, pressure washed and assessed the damage to the car as pictured in a previous post. Monday plans had been formulated, parts were assembled and we were off and running. The whole team (well, all 4 of us!) has been blasting away full tilt boogie for 2 nights and the car is shaping up. The picture above is of the repaired tail section, which required a new bumper and deck lid supports. It's also going to need some blue vinyl to patch up those spots where the paint chipped off and a couple of snowflakes, but I think it is now stronger than before.


Here we see the new door and fender getting fitted and prepped. We were extremely lucky to have both of these items in our loft of spare parts. They will be shipped off to paint tonight so hopefully tomorrow night we will have them back to install and start the oh so very fun process of laying that 55" long flame sticker over those compound curves. I think Scott is getting pretty good at it though, so it should turn out great! There are still a few little repairs that need to be made, plus the weekly nut & bolt list, set-up and all the other things that keep a Racecar going from week to week, but things are definately looking up as far as making this weekend's race.

As the Crew Chief, its my job to make sure that things get taken care of in all facets of the race team. Fortunately I have a great team of guys (and one hell of a gal) that make it all look easy, even when we all know it rarely is. It's amazing to see what happens when we all just pin our ears back, put on our hard hats and get to work. Sure, there are larger teams out here and definately teams with more assets to pull from, but I wouldn't trade what we have for any of it.

Special thanks go out to Jeff Knight (recognize that fender Cheif??), Coleman Motorsports (for the offers of parts and assistance, Frank, Lena and JZ you rock!) and Melinda Knight for thier help in getting us back out and on the track this week. And of course, Scott and Jeri from TnT Mechanical for being right there with us each night this week working hard and putting up with my smart alec comments about Jeri's fascination with turning off good TV to watch Dancing with the Stars while we work... (That show is so Rigged!!!)

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  1. [this is good] Oh know you are getting hooked on Dancing with the Stars!!!!!