Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Track repairs underway!

Hi there folks!

Thought I'd spend a moment and update everyone on the track resurfacing project that took place last week in response to the problems they had during the Street Stock and Super Late Model races on 6-27.

As was reported widely in a number of outlets, the track surface developed a new, rather substantial hole in it. This was an issue during the Street Stock main and caused an extended red flag to cold patch the area. Unfortunately, the patch didn't hold and the Super Late Models ultimately paid the price, having their race called after just 5 laps due to concerns for the drivers and fans after several chunks took out one radiator, one window net latch and a nose! It was the right call and the track has done right for those drivers and fans.

Sunday morning the 28th, things started happening. Here is a picutre of the track being torn up...


This repair is actually fixing several problems at one time, as it covers several old patch jobs that occasionally needed repairs. The next shot is from last Saturday, during the 4th of July show. Sorry for the poor quality of this one, as I took it from the stands with my phone camera, but you can make out the darker areas of new asphalt.


Kudos go out to the staff at Evergreen for taking quick action on this one and having the track ready to go quickly. The 4th of July show went off well and the fireworks were the best I've seen out there in some time. We are all looking forward to testing out the new pavement this weekend!

Again, It's Pawn Exchange night this Saturday with the Super Late Models on the big 5/8, Street and Mini Stocks on the 3/8 and the Super and Stinger 8's on the figure 8 track. Come on out and support local short track racing.


See you at the Track! 

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