Monday, July 20, 2009

Race 9... What a long, strange trip it was

Ok, so I am a week behind on my race report for 7/11. But, it was an odd night anyways, so why not make the post off kilter too, right?

It all started early in the week when we were working late every night on some pretty major changes we made to the car. This culminated in a leave the shop to go get some sleep at 5am friday night. Needless to say, we were all a little on edge from lack of sleep at the track.

We only got a single 10 minute practice... A lot of major changes to the car were made, so we were understandably upset about this. 10 minutes to dial the car in, scrub a new tire and work on the race set up.Yeah, right...

Heat Race: Uneventful until Scott was going for the lead... Another car spun bringing out the yellow and as he slowed up, he and the car he was battling for 1st somehow got hooked up and we got a cut tire. Purely a racing deal from what I could see, no malice or intent, just good hard racing and sometimes, things like that happen. Fortunately, they dont count yellow laps and he was able to come in for a tire change and get back out before the green flew again. Starting from the back, he was able to make it back up to 3rd in the remaining laps.

Main: Ok, so after spending a large amount of time fixing the car after the Heat race, we were beign rushed by the officials to get lined up for the main. In my hurry, I spilled about a gallon of fuel in the trunk. I let Scott know to wiggle the car around to get it out on the way to line up. As the Green dropped, I could see fule spilling out of the car for about 3 laps. The caution came out for a car conking out and they pulled us to the infield to check and make sure there wasnt a serious leak then gave us our spot back in line. Scott had started in the back and was picking his way through the field, dodging accidents all along the way. The 2nd to last restart was a good one, with Scott taking the low line at the cone after the leader also went low and 2nd went high. At the green, Scott was able to get a nose under the leader going into 1 when they threw the caution again for what we all assume was a bad start, although Im not sure why as the first two rows were in perfect alignment... but I digress...

The 2nd shot at a restart didnt go quite as well and Scott was left in a dogfight for 2nd. In the end, he finished a disappointing 3rd.

Since the next race has already happened since this post, I'll just go on ahead and start another one explaining it!

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