Thursday, August 13, 2009

Has it been 3 weeks already???

Well how bout that... Racing resumes this Saturday for Team LaCross with the final 5 races of the year coming over the next 6 weeks, including a 4 week run that begins this weekend and which includes 2 race dates during the Evergreen State fair! WooHoo! Corn on the cob, barbecue Beef sandwiches and Purple cows.

It's been uneventful around the shop lately. Tonya is ready to race, we have been doing a little set up work for a few people and pretty much taking it easy. But that all changes this weekend. With 4 in a row, every lap counts even more. One mistake at this point in the season could end a championship run, but you also have to keep in mind that every position is worth valuable points, so you really have to walk a fine line between not aggressive enough and so aggressive that you break the car.

Now is when all the hard work we have put in starts to pay off, but it's also the time to work even harder, put in more hours at the shop, become even MORE "anal" than we usually are. We owe it to our Sponsors, our Car Owners, our Fans and of course, ourselves to go out there and perform at the highest level we know how, which as you know is 110% each and every time.

The points as they stand today, August 13th, 2008.

Pos. #    Driver Name        Pts   Pts Bhd

1   12Kris Harriss   514      0 
2   99Scott LaCross 504    10
   97Nat Barber 503    11
4   64John Roberts 478    36
5     2Michael Fritz 476    38
6    16Travis Woodward 385  129
7   24Kenny Schukar 336  178
8   33Kim Lang 308  206
9   07    Andrew Schukar 246  268
10   30Jeff Miller 193  321  

Dont forget, this weekend is a full night of Racing with the Super Late Models, Street Stocks and Mini Stocks on the 3/8's, Super Figure 8's on the F8, Hornets and Youth Hornets. Come on out and enjoy a lazy summer evening watching some great racing action at Evergreen Speeway.

See you at the track!


  1. The new #6 team will be out there. We'll try to keep it pointed foward...

    Any Ideas on a base line setup????

  2. AJ, are you guys in the Blue #6 Scirrocco?

  3. A measley 10 points is all that separates you from the top spot? It'll be "No problemo!" Wish you guys the best. Congrats! Keep it running strong and hard!!!

  4. yup.

    We decided to install a new motor. We should be out on the 29th to shake the car down. Still needs a little work on the balance and set up