Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Into each season, a little heartache must fall

Well, we are two weeks into our 4 week run and with 3 races left, we find ourselves now tied for 2nd in points and 21 points out of 1st place. This is how it happened...


Week 11, we finished 1st in the heat race to stay 10 points back of Kris, but in the main, Kris had hit the mythical set up and with the help of some good tire strategy was able to win the race with us finishing 3rd. The car felt a little off, but even had we hit the mark dead on, I think that 2nd was the best we would do that night. This dropped us back to 14 points back, but we were able to extend our gap back to 3rd to 4 points.


Week 12, Finishing 3rd in the heat race behind Nat and Kris opened the gap to 15 points to first and closed our lead over 3rd to 2 points. All day, the car felt a little loose and we kept putting wedge in, adjusting camber and stagger in an effort to make it better. When the main came, Scott made a few aggressive moves to try to get to the front of the pack from our starting spot, but the car kept getting looser and eventually we settled into 5th place. In the mean time, Fozzy had put on 3 fresh tires and ran up to the front with Kris and Nat in tow. At the finish Fozzy won his very first main event (WooHoo Fozzy!!!) and did some really kick ass donuts to celebrate the victory. Kris finished 2nd and Nat 4th, with Mikey between them in 3rd. The end result of the night was fairly disappointing for us as we are going to have to pull some rabbits out of the hat to get back to within striking distance of the championship with only 3 races remaining in the season. I have confidence that if anyone can do it, we can!

The only good thing about the night was that our class sponsor, Foster Press, gave away 2 tires, 1 to the winner and 1 to a random finisher and as luck (or bad luck) would have it, we were the recipients of the random tire, so at least we got free fresh rubber to put on the car this week!

Ok everyone, it is Fair time for the next two weeks!!! 20 bucks gets you a race/fair combo ticket, so there isnt a better time of the year to come on out to the races. Come out early, enjoy the fair and then see the races that evening. This weekend we have twin 50 lap Super Late Model races, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks and the Super Figure 8 Nationals, which is a 1 hour figure 8 race that always brings out a good field of cars.

Stop by and visit with us during the autograph session this weekend but make sure you get there early as we have a limited number of special Team LaCross items to go along with a signed autograph card of your favorite driver that you are sure to want. They are going to go fast so dont dawdle!

See you at the races!

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