Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update, races 13 & 14

Yea, I know, I've been slacking... but lots has happened since we last talked, so let me bring you up to date... no, that might take too long, let me sum up!

Week 13 - 1st weekend of the Fair. We figured out a little something tonight that we feel was a major contributor to our poor performance in week 12. A minor thing that we had assumed was insignificant was in fact, HUGELY significant. I'd love to tell you what it was, but we still have a race to go and a championship to chase, so that will have to be my secret until the season is over. We went out and finished 2nd in our heat race, behind Kris, who now had what seemed like an insurmountable lead, but in the main, Scott once again showed why he is one of the best by going out and winning the race by an easy margin of just a shade under 4 tenths of a second. It was a good race and we felt great, coming back from such a poor showing the week before to grab the win. Unfortunately for our championship aspirations, Kris finished 2nd, so we only were able to muster a 1 point gain for the night.

Week 14 - week 2 of the Fair, 2nd rain race of the season. Eyup, thats right. It was nice all day long and we once again finished 2nd in our heat race and Kris finished 1st in his. We made a pretty significant call in regards to our mystery change from the week before by going even further with it for the main. Then, the rains came. Not a deluge, but enough to make the track nice and slick, LaCrash jumped out to an early, large lead, driving it in slow and easy on the bottom while most others were fighting to keep control. Most others, except for Fozzy, who was going like a wild man on the high side in his RWD RX-7. As I counted the laps off, I let Scott know that Fozzy was coming fast and rim riding the track, but our car just would not handle up there and eventually, Fozzy caught and passed us for the lead. With 5 to go, Scott began reeling Fozzy back in and a couple of times it looked like he might get the lead back, but Foz held tough and the track was still just wet enough to not allow a good run on the bottom, so we ended up 2nd with Kris in 3rd. To be honest, we were pretty happy to be putting a straight racecar back in the trailer and 2nd was a good finish!

Here are the championship standings going into the final week of the season, this Saturday.

Kris Harriss -                737

Scott LaCross -            718

John "Fozzy" Roberts - 690 

Michael Fritz -              681

Nat Barber -                 613

Travis Woodward -        548

Kenny Shuckar -          383

Andrew Shuckar -        315

Kim Lang -                  308

John Shuckar -            243

Bob Emery -               239

Jeff Miller -                  235


Well, this is it. Race 15 is upon us and another season is just about in the books. We are 19 points back. Mathematically still in it. We are going to show up and we are going to do what we need to do, which is win our heat race and the main. The rest is up to fate... come out this weekend and show your support. You arent going to want to be the only person who wasnt there the night that we came back from a double digit deficit to put an exclaimation point on a suprise Mini Stock season! But even if that doesnt happen, you'll want to be there help us celebrate the first of what we here at Team LaCross feel will be many championships for our car owner, Kris Harriss. It's going to be a hell of a fun night Saturday, no matter how it turns out. Come on down after the races, we will be pitted near the entrance of turn 3 on the 5/8's track!


See you at the races!!   

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  1. Sweet! I'm glad you were able to come out and watch! Too bad it was raining so darn hard! it would have been fun to run 50 in the dry... we are always great during the long races :-)