Saturday, February 6, 2010

Team LaCross buys... A Honda????

Well, more accurately, an Acura.

It's been a long, strange off season to be sure. We spent a few months deciding what class we wanted to race, Late Models or Mini Stocks. We already own the Late Model, but really want to buy a straight rail car. We did not own a Mini Stock, but a number of cars were available.

Racing wise, we really wanted to be back out in the Late Model. But running the Mini last season reminded us that Racing could be FUN, not just work. So after much debate and deliberation, it was decided that we would return to the Mini Stock class for 2010.

Next was what car to purchase. Did we want to buy the car we ran the year previous? There were a number of VW's available for sale, along with a couple of rear wheel drive options. When the stars aligned, we ended up buying a 1991 Acura Integra. Yes, you heard it... the VW boys have officially jumped onto the Honda bus.

Here is a photo of the car up on the lift at the shop. We purchased the car as race ready, but you know better than to think we were going to let it go at that! We have stripped off the doors, pulled all the tin, lexan and damaged bits at this point and were giving it a once over before pulling the motor.

This photo was taken last night. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this look right now as we all prepare our cars for battle. There is still some pressure washing to do and then we will begin reworking the suspension, inspecting each and every line, nut and bolt, replacing what doesn't meet our standards.

There it is, the old power plant. You know, it sure does look bigger than the old VW 1.8 liter, especially with that extra cam!  And what on earth is that big silver thing? Fuel  Injection??? Hey, I'm an old Carb guy, I don't know about these new fangled induction systems :-)

A number of people have asked me, "Eddie, why this car? Why not a VW?" Well, it's like this. We have won a lot of races and championships in a VW. Then, last year we were able to make Tonya(a Honda) a race winner and Championship threat and she wasn't even our car. So when it came decision time and the Acura became available, it was a new challenge. A chance to take a car that has little performance history and see if we have what it takes to make it a championship caliber ride. It boils down to us wanting to challenge ourselves, to see if we can take the ideas we had swimming around in our heads last season as we drove Tonya and see if they will be successful.

First practice is coming up fast and we will be hard at work for the next month or so working on the car. I will be posting photos and keeping updates as frequently as I can, so keep stopping by! And hey, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by the shop and say hello. Maybe we will take a little break, fire up the blender and the the Rock Band and have an impromptu party... you just never know!


  1. Are there headers that need painting? Lol!

    Congratulations, you guys! Glad to hear you are up for a new challenge! Best to you!

  2. As a matter of fact Marcia... there may be!!! :-)

  3. 2 cams are better than one.

    Was making a twin cam VW car an option?

  4. AJ,

    Over the years, the 16v twin cam VW engine was analyzed, tested and re-tested by people much smarter than I! There were a number of problems with this and the 2.0L that made it them too unreliable to use as a race motor. It's a wicked cool street motor though!