Sunday, February 14, 2010

Excuse me, your chassis is showing...

Ok, so back on the 6th I posted a few pictures of the car. I stated that we were just going to start working on the suspension. Well, things have progressed a little so I thought that I would post a few pictures to update you on progress!

You know, it's a pain in the butt to work on Mini Stocks due to the Stock body parts. During this process on a Late Model, you leave the body off until you are done with all the chassis updates and assembly. So that's what we did!

Remember this shot?

Well, these ones were taken about 11am yesterday...

A few strategic cuts and bingo! No more body parts to get in the way!

At this point, I've been going a little nutty with the cutting wheel. You can see on the left that the fuel cell and battery box have been removed along with the rear firewall and a few other items.

This photo and the next one were snapped at about 4:30pm. As you can see, the only thing left in the back are a couple of fuel lines. In the cockpit you can see the switch panel is still there and the wiring harness.

And the front of the car... you can see that the brake lines, booster, wiring harness are all gone now. Not too bad for about 5 hours of work, eh? At this point, we have some grinding to do and a few more subtractions and we can then start doing the adds that we wanted to do. All this effort is going to make the car safer and hopefully, an outstanding performer.
There are some pretty damn talented people working with us on this project and I'll be introducing them to you as we go along. Stay tuned for the next installment... who knows what state the car will be in then!


  1. [this is good] when you getting this fine looking machine back to your shop from johns place?

  2. well, we are still in the "remove" portion, so I am figuring it should be about a week or two at least, Frank. We've been working every day on it and I think that when it's done, it's going to be very cool! 

  3. Updates... well, the car is even more torn apart now, but we have started the process of adding bars, I've started considering tackling the wiring harness, and tin should be getting started in the next couple of days. There are still Suspension issues to be worked out, brake lines, fuel lines,etc. to be run... Oh, then of course, body work, paint, motor, trans... Gah! It's going to be a push!