Saturday, March 6, 2010


So it's been a few weeks and I thought I'd post a couple of pics from today's activities on the hot rod :-)

After doing a little shop cleaning we got a little nutty and this is what happened...

Then, JZ, Geoff and I started making some swoopy stuff...

Meanwhile Scott, Crazy Carl and Golden Toes were getting busy removing all the undercoating, But GT took the opportunity to play hide and seek behind a flashlight!

 After a long, long time, finally the bottom of the car looks like this...

I figure we probably removed about 10 lbs of weight by doing that. It was a ton of work, but well worth it!

Next update will be the next time I have a spare moment. I will try to make these more frequent, but we are working hard to get the car ready for the season opener, so most of my time is devoted to that right now. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and following along with us!

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