Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Current championship point standings

It's just past mid Season and thought I'd go ahead and post the top ten in the chase for the championship. We have had a total of 30 different cars take the green flag this year and with the big 5/8s race and the always highly attended fair race yet to come, that number should grow!

Car# Name             Total Points    Behind Leader
99 Scott LaCross         654                     0
12 Kris Harriss             504                   -150
10 Steve Green            461                   -193
64 Jon Roberts            448                   -206
00 Chuck Richard       338                   -316
07 Andrew Schukar      327                  -327
21 Dale Creager           323                  -331
65 Bobby DeYoung      282                   -372
2 Michael Fritz              258                   -396
16 Travis Woodward    192                   -462

With 6 races to go, it's still anyone's game. Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget that we are racing on the big 5/8 mile oval this weekend! 


  1. Ed you are a bad liar! You have it in the bag.

  2. I'm not lying :-) Nothing is in the bag yet... the new points system this year is such that a lot of points can be made up in a single night. I'm still of the opinion that it could come down to the last race.