Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet the team!

From the left, Bill, Eddie, Scott and Brittany... Team LaCross 2011!
Ok, so we have a little extended break in the action (3 weeks!) So I thought it would be nice for you all to get to know the team a little better! If there are some questions we didn't cover, please let me know and I'll get them asked for you.

How did you all meet??
Scott: I met Ed while racing RC cars in Everett, and it was love at first sight. I admired his close, clean shave.  I met Britt when she was referred to my auto shop, and Bill is a mutual acquaintance of my brother, Matt.
Britt: I met Scott through Roger Habich about 7 years ago, and we've been friends ever since. I met Ed shortly after that as those two are like peas in a pod and are never far from each other. I didn't meet Bill until this season, but I think I speak for all of us when I say we are glad to have him on board.
Bill: Well the first person I meet was Scott though his brother and everybody else was though him.
Ed: Hmm, I met Scott racing RC cars and he gave me the creeps because he kept asking me what brand of shaver I used! :-) Britt was also lured in by my clean close shave about the same time she met Scott. I met Bill when he was hanging out at LaCross Automotive a few years ago. 

I was asked by many of our female fans (and several male ones?!)... they want to know... Boxers or Briefs??
Scott: Boxer Briefs
Britt: I've got a few options, and none of the options are boxers nor briefs. 
Bill: Boxers are what I wear. Don't feel embarrassed when caught changing my clothes, look like shorts.
Ed: Ok, a couple of things here... One, Boxers. Two, Bill, you've gotta stop changing in the front yard and Three, Britt wears (answer censored by Britt, who is currently aiming a large weapon at me)

This one is for Scott... Where did you get the nickname LaCrash??
Scott: As a kid, I had the occasional habit of crashing in spectacular form while racing BMX. The local promoter coined the phrase after multiple such exhibitions, and it stuck.
Ed: Well that and he does run into a lot of stuff in his advanced age... :::duck:::

What got you into racing?
Britt: I got into racing on accident... it was an occupational hazard to being friends with Scott and Ed. I ended up at the shop a lot, then learned a few things, and next thing I know I'm in the pits thinking "this is AWESOME!!"
Bill:  I have a long history of going to the races. First was a corner worker at sears point when I was a teenager. AMA,SCCA and karting. I always wanted to drive but never had the chance. I really started to get into it after moving to Monroe. I would sit out on my back deck listening to races on Saturday nights wondering what was going on over there (Evergreen Speedway). Then I meet Scott and I was hooked.. I heard from another race friend that its like crack with no cure, Now I understand that.
Scott: I got turned on to BMX as a kid with my buddy Scott Harrison - years later, after attending Evergreen Speedway for some time, decided to get involved in circle track racing.
Ed:  I used to go to the track and watch for years. When Scott got a car, well, opportunity showed its head and the rest as we say is history. 

Who is your favorite driver?
Ed: Big time? Earnhardt Sr. but locally, I'd have to say LaCrash, Roger Habich, Jeff Knight and John Zaretzke. I've crewed for all of them and they are all top notch guys!
Scott: Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart.
Bill: Favorite driver right now is Lacrash And the 99 team. 
Britt: Team SexyTime's driver himself. Outside of that, I'd say Jeff Knight and Kevin Harvick.

Favorite race car??
Scott: Our late model we raced in 2008
Britt: I'd say it's yet to be seen. Scott has worked some magic in the one we've got now, but I think bigger and better things are on the horizon.
Ed: Hmmm, it'd be easy to say the VW as we won so many championships in it, but honestly I think it may be the Honda we have now... To take a car that is so rudimentary and be able to have the success we've had in it has been pretty cool.

If I ran a racetrack... 
Scott: I would strive to keep the competition fair by enforcing a concise rulebook to improve car count. I would want to minimize down-time to provide an entertaining show for the fans and keep the show rolling and finished up by 9:30
Britt: It would be all about consistency, accuracy, and fairness. My biggest pet peeve has been seeing people get completely out of hand on and off the track because incidents go unchecked.
Bill: The first thing I would do is get everybody on the same page.I learned a long time ago that I might not like the rules but I will have respect for the person to hold everybody to them and not be wishy washy with them. Bigger trophies with spinners and those big checks would be great too. 
Ed: I'd first make sure I had on asbestos underwear. Being a promotor is a thankless job and one where you will never make everyone happy, so I'd just do my best and hope that people see that I am trying to make things great for all. 

Favorite part of racing?
Scott: Spending time with all the awesome people that make up our racing community.
Bill: My favorite part of racing is Trophies, the checks, the advertisement. No actually its the people I'm starting to meet and becoming friends with. I really haven't had to many friends outside of work due to the hours that I work, But now I work here in town I have a little more time to spend with family and friends. I appreciate the opportunity to be apart of Team 99.
Britt: Favorite part of racing is a tough one. I know that none of us would put in the time, money, frustration, and effort if it weren't for the fact that there is so much about racing that can't be put into words. I realize it's a passion that not everyone understands... At times, I love the tight knit community. Other times it's being in the spotter stand listening to Scott and Ed banter back and forth under caution. It's watching Scott pick through traffic and pass leaders like a highlight reel. It's taking pictures when the guys don't know it, or group hugs, picking up hardware, and squealing like 12 year old girls at winners circle.
Ed: It's actually pretty easy for me to call this one. Everything is my favorite part. Except not winning... I can do without that! 

What is your dream street car? 
Britt: Aston Martin DBS (I'm calling dibs Ed.) Preferably the one from Casino Royale, complete with my very own James Bond - in the passenger seat of course.
Scott: Porsche 911 gt1 or BMW M3 gtr
Ed: Yeah, yeah Britt... go ahead and steal my dream ride why don't you? I'd have the DBS Carbon Black edition or perhaps a Mercedes SLR Mclaren. 

Finally, one more for Scott... What are your future racing plans?
Scott: Compete in the mini stock class with a future goal of returning to late models. Waiting for Richard Childress to call me but I'm not sure if he has my updated cell number.

Well, there you are! A little this and that about the racing team. I hope you've enjoyed this short look inside the team... 

Britt: Hang on just a second there Eddie, I've got an interesting factoid for everyone... Eddie is allergic to sunscreen. Please stay tuned for Eddie's soon to be released tanning instructional video entitled "Burn to Bronze in 24 hours."
Ed: Uh huh... don't be jealous of my Adonis tan! 

Thanks for reading folks! 

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